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16 Amazing Facts About Fire

Interesting Facts About Fire

1. Fires require fuel, oxygen and heat to burn.
2. Forest fires move faster uphill as compared to downhill. 
3. Earth is the only known planet where fire can burn. Everywhere else there is not enough oxygen.
4. Fire is faster than generally thought as it takes less than thirty seconds for a fire to become very  difficult to control.

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5. A candle flame typically burns at around 1000 degrees Celsius (1800 Fahrenheit).
6. At 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, unprotected steel may collapse under its own weight during fire.
7. Once a fire begins in forest, it can spread at a rate of up to 25 kilometers per hour,
8. Fire fighting was actually a sport at the 1900 Olympics in Paris.

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9. Candle flames are blue at the bottom because that is where they take up fresh air.
10. Fire is a chemical reaction that releases light and heat.
11. More people die from smoke inhalation than flames
12. Fact is oxygen supply influences the color of the flame. If the oxygen is high fire burns blue and if the oxygen is low fire changed in a yellow glow. 

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13. Fire triangle represents the three components that fires need to exist heat, oxygen and fuel.
14. Fires are also an important ecological process that can stimulate growth.
15. The ancient Greeks amazingly started fire with concentrated sunlight.
16. Cotton will catch on fire if super glue is applied to it.

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