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United States Facts

Facts About United States

1. The USA has the longest cave system in the world.

2. The Average American Throws Away 4.4 Pounds Of Trash Daily.

3. New York was once New Amsterdam.

4. In Some States, There Are More Cows Than People.

5. There’s a palace made totally out of corn.

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6. The Tallest President Was Abraham Lincoln.

7. The Statue of Liberty speaks French.

8. The Oldest President To Serve Was Ronald Reagan.

9. Alaska was once Russian.

10. Harvard Was the first University within the US.

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11. There are 43 giant presidential heads.

12. Atlantic City Has The World's Longest Boardwalk.

13. Lincoln Is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

14. Russia Sold Alaska to the United States for Pennies.

15. More People Live in New York City Than in Most States.

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16. The Empire State Building Literally Has Its Own Zip Code.

17. The Happiest State In the Country Is Utah.

18. Atlanta Has Dozens of Streets With Some Variation of "Peachtree".

19. You Can Get A Unicorn Hunting License in Michigan.

20. There's Enough Concrete in the Hoover Dam to Span the Nation.

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