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Amazon Facts

What is Amazon known for?

Amazon is an American multinational technology company, Headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Amazon focuses on E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Digital Streaming, and AI. Amazon is considered one among the large four companies in the information technology industry of the US, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Amazing Facts About Amazon

1. Before Amazon.com Jeff Bezos choices the name were Relentless.com and MakeItSo.com.

2. When typing Relentless.com in search engines it would redirect users to Amazon’s homepage.

3. Amazon.com officially became a public company in May 1997.

4. The first book Amazon.com ever sold was from Bezos’ garage in July 1995.

5. Amazon owns over 40 subsidiaries and brands.

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6. Amazon.com employees spend two days every two years performing at the customer service desk.

7. Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central are 2 different platforms.

8. Amazon.com is that the 10th most visited website within the world.

9. Amazon Seller Central is that the more ideal choice for third-party vendors.

10. Amazon Connect employs one UI across voice and chat.

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11. Amazon launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2002.

12. Amazon expanded AWS in 2006 with the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

13. Amazon helps charities through Amazon Smile.

14. Amazon Associates began in 1996.

15. Amazon has an affiliate marketing program within the form of Amazon Affiliate.

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16. In 2012, Amazon acquired a robotics company.

17. The company launched a ‘Pay to Quit’ program in 2014.

18. The corporate celebrated Amazon Prime Day 2019 for 48 hours.

19. Amazon Rentals customers can purchase a rented item.

20. Amazon offers a paid subscription service called Amazon Prime.

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21. Electronics is one among the most popular categories among Amazon Prime shoppers.

22. Amazon has its own online video store called Amazon Instant Video.

23. Amazon features a free music streaming service called Amazon Prime Music.

24. In 2007, Amazon Kindle came to the e-book market.

25. In 2011, Amazon introduced Kindle Fire.

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