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Current Affairs Quiz Part-1

Current Affairs Quiz 2020 Part-1

1. Which company on 15 August 2020 was ordered to sell all of its assets in the US within 90 days?


2. Which country on 19 July 2020 Launched it's first mission to Mars?


3. Currently, about what quantity world’s goods trade (by volume) is carried on ships?


4. Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a disputed border-line between

China and India.

5. Which Country on 17 Jun 2020 Launched “Operation Claw Tiger” against Kurdish Militants in Iraq?


6. Which region of the world was declared “free of wild polio” on 25 August 2020?


7. US President Donald Trump on 15 April 2020 halted funding to


8. Which country on 29 August 2020 issued decree to permit Israeli firms to do business within the country?


9. Who is current Secretary General of the UN?

Antonio Guterres.

10. The United Nations Framework Convention on global climate change deals with

greenhouse gases emissions mitigation.

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11. ‘Aksai Chin’ is a disputed area between

China and India.

12. The Paris agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on global climate change is to limit global warming well below

2.0 °C.

13. In which country now military personnel also can contest elections?


14. Which country has withdrawn from UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) on 8 July 2020?

United States.

15. Which country on 14 July 2020 has banned China’s Huawei 5G equipment?

United Kingdom.

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