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Earth Facts

Interesting Facts About Earth

1. The earth moves around the sun.

2. The Lut Desert in Iran is that the hottest spot on Earth.

3. The earth is recycled.

4. Earth features a powerful magnetic flux.

5. The earth rotation is gradually slowing.

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6. Earth is usually Iron, Oxygen and Silicon.

7. 70% of the Earth’s Surface is roofed in Water.

8. The earth is that the densest planet within the system.

9. Earth has 1 Moon and a pair of Co-Orbital Satellites.

10. Earth is that the only Planet known to possess life.

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11. Earth is exclusive in our system that it has tectonics.

12. Plate tectonics Keep the earth Comfortable.

13. Earth is nearly a Sphere.

14. Earth Doesn’t Take 24 Hours to Rotate on its Axis.

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