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Sad Facts Of Life

Sad Facts Of Life

1. People spend way too much time in their heads, and not enough in the real life.

That's the undeniable fact that people are spend too much time in their heads rather then living in the real world. Internet connect the entire world but disconnect the family, relatives and loved one's.

2. Obesity Is Now an even bigger Problem Than Hunger Worldwide.

The world hunger has been a problem for hundreds of years, and that we can only hope that there'll be a solution in our lifetimes.

3. People worry about the tiny stuff, it’s all small stuff.

4. People concentrate on their EXPECTATIONS, rather than their APPRECIATIONS.

5. More Then 40% Of The World’s Food Production Goes To Waste.

Are you recognize more then 40% of the food produced on earth actually finishes up getting to waste. the reason is mismanagement. We could solve this issue if food was actually distributed properly.

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