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Saudi Arabia Facts

Can you imagine that there's a country with no natural river. Yes! Saudi Arabia is a country with no natural river. Here we listed most interesting Saudi Arabia facts, that you probably didn't know.

Mind Blowing Facts About Saudi Arabia

1. Saudi Arabia is that the world's largest exporter of petroleum liquids.

2. Saudi Arabia is the third largest date producer in the world.

3. Did you know that? A liter of potable water is expensive than a liter of oil in Saudi Arabia.

4. Saudi Arabia is the 14th largest country of the world.

5. Everything closes during prayer time in Saudi Arabia.

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6. The Arabian Peninsula is the world’s largest peninsula.

7. It has the largest sand desert on Earth.

8. Around 80 percent of the Saudi Arabian labor force is foreigners.

9. In Saudi Arabia there's no natural river.

10. It is prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages in Saudi Arabia.

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