10 Most Interesting Facts About Killer Whales | Orcas Facts

Killer Whales Facts

Killer Whales are the biggest of the dolphins and one of the most powerful predators. Here we listed most interesting Killer Whales facts, you may did not know.

Interesting Facts About Killer Whales

1. Killer whales have around 45 teeth.

2. Killer Whales also known as Orcas.

3. Killer Whales eat sharks.

4. The killer whale is really a kind of dolphin. 

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5. Killer Whales cannot smell.

6. Did You Know! Killer Whales can sleep with one eye open.

7. They spend most of their time to looking for food.

8. Killer Whales are very fast swimmers.

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9. Killer Whales can control the flow of blood to their organs.

10. They have no sense of smell.

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