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North Korea Facts

North Korea is known for their weird and strict rules. Here we listed some most interesting North Korea facts, that you never heard.

Weird Facts About North Korea

1. In North Korea there are only 4 TV channels.

2. Women are a fully integrated part of the country’s workforce and military.

3. There are only 15 approved haircuts.

4. North Korea is one of the world’s leading exporters of seafood.

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5. Paektusan is the tallest mountain in North Korea at 2744 meters.

6. It is forbidden to wear blue jeans.

7. Internet is strictly controlled in North Korea.

8. Foreigners can't use local currency 'Won' in North Korea.

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9. There is no McDonald’s in North Korea.

10. Are You Know that You can't buy real estate in North Korea even you have money.

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