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China Facts

China is famous for a lot of things, it's the world's largest producer of steel, concrete, fertilizer, clothing, toys, and many more. Here we listed most interesting China facts, that will impress you.

Facts About China

1. China is that the most populated country in the world.

2. Ice cream was discovered in China.

3. Kites were invented in China.

4. China has a fast growing economy.

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5. Every single Panda living in the whole world belongs to China.

6. Chinese use sticks to eat with.

7. China is the 3rd largest country in the world by area. 

8. Millions of Chinese live in caves.

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9. China produces the most gold in the world.

10. Chinese people write by drawing pictures.

11. The first artificially reproduced human tooth was created in China.

12. People in Beijing eat scorpions on a stick.

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13. 70% of cell phones are manufactured in China.

14. Guilin is the funnest place in China.

15. Basketball is the most popular sport in China.

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