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Norway Facts

Are You Know that The longest road tunnel in the world is in Norway. Norway is known for a lot of things. Here we listed some most interesting Norway facts, that you never heard.

Fun Facts About Norway

1. Oslo is the capital of Norway.

2. Norway currency is Norwegian krone.

3. The longest road tunnel in the world is in Norway.

4. The Population of Norway is approximately 5.433 million.

5. Norway is a country in the continent of Europe.

6. Norway ranks is 8th among the countries having the longest coastlines on earth.  

7. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo.

8. The People of Norway are called Norwegian.

9. The first UN Secretary General was Norwegian.

10. Norway ranks in the largest countries in the world is 68th.

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11. Skiing were invented in Norway.

12. Norway has the largest mountain plateau in all of Europe.

13. Norway has a volcano.

14. The most remote island on this planet is in Norwegian territory.

15. Oslo is Norway's most diverse city.

16. Norway is home to the biggest glacier in mainland Europe.

17. Norway supplies London with a Christmas tree every year.

18. Are You Know That Two Norwegians regions don't get natural sunlight for about six months.

19. Norway is the leading country in the world’s seafood production.

20. Norway has the deepest undersea tunnel in the world.

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21. Almost 70% of Norway is uninhabited.

22. Do you know! Hell is in Norway. Village in a Norway named Hell.

23. Peace in Norway is a global standard.

24. Northern Norway never sees the sun during winter.

25. Norway was regarded as the happiest place in the world in 2017.

26. The first effective king to rule Norway was Olaf Haraldson. 

27. Norway is one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

28. Norway was neutral in World War I and World War II.

29. Norway has the highest concentration of fjords in the world.

30. The first Norwegian emigration to the United States was in July 1825.

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31. The highest peak in Norway is Galdhøpiggen 2469 meters above the sea.

32. Norway introduced salmon sushi to the Japanese in the eighties.

33. The most famous chocolate factory in Norway is Freia.

34. Norway has a land border with Russia.

35. The annual Nobel Prizes are awarded in Oslo every December 10.

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36. Norway has two official names Norge in Bokmal and Noreg in Nynorsk.

37. Norway is the largest salmon exporter all over the world.

38. The colonel in chief of the Norwegian king's guard is a Scottish penguin.

39. Norwegians are the biggest readers in the whole world.

40. Norway was the first country on the planet to turn off FM radio.

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