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Pigeons Facts

Pigeons are renowned for their outstanding abilities. Here we listed the most interesting Pigeons facts, that you don't know.

Amazing Facts About Pigeons

1. Pigeons have the ability to identify objects on a distance of 26 miles.

2. Pigeons are able to recognize themselves in the mirror.

3. Pigeons have very strong hearing abilities.

4. Pigeons can fly at the altitude of 6000 feet.

5. The Pigeons were used for communication.

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6. Pigeons are known as social creatures that live in bunch.

7. Pigeons can move their wings ten times per second.

8. Pigeons have very strong muscles used for flying.

9. Pigeons can fly at the speed of 50 to 60 miles per hour. 

10. Columbidae is the scientific name of Pigeons.

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