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Lemon Facts

Here we listed most interesting Lemons facts, that you never knew about Lemons.

Lemon Facts

1. Lemons are rich in vitamin C.

2. The top three lemon producing countries are India, Mexico, and China.

3. Lemon is a citrus fruit.

4. An average lemon holds three tablespoons of juice.

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5. In U.S. lemons are grown primarily in California and Arizona.

6. The lemon tree is reaches 3 to 6 meters in height. 

7. There are three common lemons which are Bearss, Eureka and Lisbon.

8. Lemon tree leaves can be used to make tea.

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9. The juice of a lemon contains 5% of citric acid.

10. Lemon juice can destroy many deadly bacterias.

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