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Watermelon Facts

Here we listed most interesting watermelon facts, that you never knew about watermelon.

Watermelon Facts

1. China is the largest producer of Watermelon.

2. The Watermelon has been officially declared a vegetable in Oklahoma.

3. Watermelon is one of the most consumed fruit in World.

4. The cubed watermelon began in Japan where they grow them in glass boxed to hold their shape. 

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5. There are up to 92% of water.

6. There are more than 50 varieties of Watermelon grown around the world.

7. United States is the fourth largest producers of Watermelon in the world.

8. Americans eat more Watermelon by weight than any other fruit.

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9. Watermelon has only around 40 calories per cup.

10. Watermelon doesn't contain any bad fat or cholesterol.

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