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facts about wolf

Wolf is known as highly intelligent wild animals, wolves are extremely social animals that develop very close social bonds with family members. Here we listed most interesting facts about wolf that many peoples don’t know about it.

Wolf Facts

1. Wolf are the largest members of the dog family.

2. The average height of wolf is between 26 to 32 inches.

3. The life spans of wolves vary dramatically.

Wolves can live up to 13 years in wild, although the average lifespan is usually 6 to 8 years. Wolves in captivity may live up to 16 years.

4. Wolf weights may vary. 

The average weight of females wolf is between 60 to 80 pounds and the average weight of males wolf is between 70 to 110 pounds.

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5. Wolves can roam up to 12 miles in a single day.

6. Wolves love to eat large animals like deer, elk, and moose.

7. Wolves have 42 teeth.

They have 20 teeth in the upper jaw and 22 teeth in the lower jaw.

8. A group of wild animals, especially wolves living and hunting together.

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9. A group of wolves is called Packs. A Pack sizes range from 3 to 20 wolves.

10. Wolves defend their territory from other wolf packs.

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