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Facts About Light

Did you know that light is travels faster than sound. In this article we listed the most interesting facts about light that most peoples don't know about light.

Facts About Light

1. Light is made up of energy.

2. Did you know light is travels faster than sound.

3. Light can travel through space and air.

4. A rays of light travels very fast. The speed of light in space is about 300 million m/s.

5. Light rays change direction when they reflect off a surface.

6. Large number of insects can see ultraviolet light that humans cannot.

7. Our main source of light on earth comes from the sun.

8. The angle of the reflected ray is equal to the angle of the incident ray.

9. Sunlight can reach a depth of about 80 metres in the ocean.

10. Light is a kind of energy that can move in waves and it's made up of a flow of small particles of energy which is called photons.

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11. Light is now used for everything from laser eye surgery to telephone technology.

12. There are different types of light and each one has its own wavelength.

13. When objects block the pathway of bright light shadows are formed.

14. The colour of plants are green because they reflect green light while absorbing other colours. 

15. Light takes over 8 minutes to reach earth from the sun.

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